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by drkshp

The deliberate blurring of the fact and draped arms take my eyes very quickly to what I try not to focus on first! We all secretly know...

This image takes me back to my early interest in bondage - back to the days when the girls were more of the "next door" variety and not...


Taken By Pyperhaylie
Day Five of Catching Up - Greeting and Salutations Ye Stalwart Few!
Moving right along with the parade of my dark and twisted thoughts Jimmy Fallon and Elmo - Dancing , may I present a commission from the tablet of :iconpyperhaylie:  She is another new artist to me, having recently come across her lovely bevy of tied and imperilled ladies.  Check out her gallery for more fun - I also strongly recommend catching her when she is streaming as it is extremely entertaining - and the art work is nice too!  Too paraphrase the Great Samuel Jackson in The Long Kiss Goodnight...she goes into a bar and 5 minutes later sailors are running out! 

But seriously, she is super sweet and supper talented and she really did a fantastic job of taking a reference and then putting my lovely OC into some peril.  It's a good thing I like to pack light so I have plenty of room in my trunk for things that catch my eye! The Seriously Evil Laugh  And it will be even better for me if my OC never gets lose - she looks annoyed (and very sexy)!

Thank you once again :iconpyperhaylie: 

My recent submissions

For Day Four of Catching Up…
For Day Three of Catching Up…
For Day Two of Catching Up…
For Day One of Catching Up…
Luz By Jay911sf
Day Four of Catching Up Day Four - Okay, so a few of my watchers may be now surprised I am keeping this up (insert your own double entendre if you wish).  But I really wish to acknowledge and highlight all the wonderful work of those who gave generous gifts or undertook commissions that turned my confused ideas into fantastic art.

In that vein, let me present a commission recently completed by :iconjay911sf:  Jay was a brand new artist to me, unlike the past three posts, which were from artists whose art I was familiar with, whom I had spoken to previously, and in two cases had worked with before. I came across… likely through one of the groups I belong to or possibly it was a random work on the dA home page.  I was immediately entranced and when I found he was open to commissions I knew I needed to ask.  We chatted and I shared my references - he quickly grasped my interests and produced this tasteful yet HOT peril piece featuring my lovely OC.

Please check out his gallery - you won't be disappointed.

Thank you once again :iconjay911sf: 

For Day Three of Catching Up…
For Day Two of Catching Up…
For Day One of Catching Up…
Happy B Day Turtleluz By Dido Antares
Day Three of Catching Up - As I mentioned yesterday I received some surprises on my recent 29th if that matters (and if I am telling the truth) bday emote 

This gift from my good friend and long suffering penpal :icondido-antares:  She is such an amazing artist and has a wicked sense of humour to Boot Emoji !  And being from Chile, I sure she loves the same :winela: that I do!:drinkwine:  

My recent posts have shown Luz in peril - 
:icondido-antares: has been very patient in working on my other kink....having my loving OC dominate some mystery man!R. Mika SFV icon   Now I can't really tell you what is going on you can either use your imagination or check out some other site I can't link here for the uncensored image....oh wait,  she has told you!

She has already undertaken a few commissions for me which blew me away - please check out her gallery to see her wide ranging style.………

Now how did that last image of 
:icondido-antares: in a bikini slip in there  (Sorry - running gag with she and I).

Once again, many thanks for the kind gift :icondido-antares: :kiss:

For Day Two of Catching Up…
For Day One of Catching Up…
Two Birthday Binds In One Day By Vladen13
Day Two of Catching Up - I recently suffered...I mean had a birthday and I got a few unexpected gifts.  This lovely piece of my OC, Muse and long-suffering wife was created by the talent :iconvladen13:
A fellow :flagcanada: , he and I have been chatting on and off for a few years and he has kindly incorporated my OC into some of his work from time to time.……………

I also am in the midst of a long delayed art trade with him....looks like it might happen before the end of 2016. :dance: 

Once again thank you :iconvladen13: and please go check out his gallery.

For Day One of Catching Up…
Ladies Of dA - Turtleluz By Driver651
A kind gift from the very talented :icondriver651: , who has kindly put my lovely wife and OC into a touch of peril!  He has a wonderful gallery so if you like what you see here.  Lots of classic look bondage that is very tasteful and yet kinky.

I really think he did a fantastic job capturing Mrs. Turtleluz - literally as well as figuratively.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Thank you once again :icondriver651:


turtleluz's Profile Picture
I love to commission work showing my sexy wife in fantasy is up to your imagination as to where the fantasy ends and reality starts.
Okay - so those faithful few that continue to follow me will know this is the recent up, say I will do better and then disappear.

So as not to disappoint, here is the 2016 version of that cycle.

Hi there - been busy but still been handing around dA and getting a few commissions and even more amazingly a few kind gifts.

I will start with the gifts, posting a new one each day followed by commissions - no promises on whether there is any particular order, especially as I start moving back through the queue.  

Thank you for your continued patience and check out some of these great artists.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein
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